Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Omegle Talk to Strangers!

Bumped into this site the other day. It's called Omegle. Some kind of online chatting forum where you can choose to text or just video chat with total strangers.

At first, I thought it would be fun. How naive was I. Of many strangers I chat that day, only one had a decent chat with me. A girl from Poland. Others was kinda horny (that's the exact word they used) and was wondering whether I was a female or male. If I answered male, 'Your conversation partner has disconnected' pops in front of me. And if I answered female which I did a couple of times just to troll around, the chat continues to a point where I had to disclose that I'm a male. Again, 'Your conversation partner has disconnected' pays me a visit.

I answered male and he disconnected 

First I said female. He chatted. Then I said male. He lolled and disconnected. XD
Sometimes it's pretty hilarious on the text chat. You get to see weird people trolling around. Sometimes I play my part in trolling in around. I try to avoid the asl question (age, sex, location) and at the end I would introduce myself as an old man or lady depending on the who the stranger is, looking for a life partner. The stranger gets speechless and would just disconnect. I in the other hand get to laugh my lungs out! XD

But at all cost, try avoiding the video chat. If you're not interested in looking human external reproductive organs, skip the video chat. Tried once and I'm sticking to the text chat.Though sometime it can be hilarious, still I would not recommend. At least I don't 'burn' my eyes looking through their webcam. Do take note that most of the chatters on Omegle are male. Enough said.

He was repeating whatever I said, so I pulled my moustache and all he could do was laugh. XD 

Here some snapshots of people trolling on Omegle.

The guy asked him only two questions..



67 years old and he disconnected? XD
Here the link to the site. It's on Tumblr by the way. =)

*Reader discretion is advised. May contain foul language.

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